Custom Hand Painted Light Switchplate Covers

You will never stare at a boring white light switchplate again!

Your home remodeling project is almost finished and you're shopping for light switchplates and outlet covers worthy of all the time and careful attention you poured into all the other details or your renovation.

You’ve just redesigned and remodeled your kitchen and bathrooms and you thought you had a beautiful completed project.

What you are seeing on the walls of the rooms that you've remodeled are light switchplates that are bland.

You see unsightly plain white light switchplates starring back at you, glaring back at you.

Why wasn’t that detail taken care of?

Here are a few answers to questions from my customers:

1. What makes me the ideal person to paint your switch plates.

I have been painting watercolors and murals for the past 10yrs. I have taught art classes for children in the public schools and in my home. I have a great eye for color, so I can match just about anything.

2. Why shouldn't your switchplates blend in with your faux painting, marble, granite, stone or tile backsplash?

White Switch Plates are a sore spot in any room. Wouldn't you rather have them blend in and make them disappear.

3. How do I beat the competition. How long does it take to paint one. Why is it better? How is it done?

I come to your home (if local) and paint directly on your plastic switchplates. I first sand the switchplates, outlets/rockers or dimmer switches. Next I paint each outlet/switchplate with a primer, for the paint to adhear to. Next comes the task of figuring out each of the colors I will be working with. It's a step by step process of one layer at a time, painted with acrylic paints. Ending with a waterbased selant to protect the finish from scratches and chipping. It can take me up to one hour to paint one switch plate Each switchplate is a work of art, Painting takes alot of patience and a perfection to detail.

4. How big is the market place?

Anyone, who has newly remodeled there kitchen, bathroom, bar or repainted/fauxed thier walls and has white switchplates, your home is not complete until your switchplates have disappeared.

5. Promos:

Refer a friend and If they book me, receive 10% off.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, family and collegues.

Sandy, the Switchplate Lady, makes light switchplate covers that accent the beauty and craftsmanship of your rooms. This essential room element is an accessory that makes a huge noticeable impact.

Why shouldn't your light switchplates blend in with your faux painting or marble design background?

Stop looking and search no more because you have found the finest light switch plates on the internet.

Sandy says , "My Unique Switchplates are even better than what you can buy at your local shops, as my handpainted switch plates will match exactly to your backsplash, no matter what colour or surface. My handmade and functional decorative light switch plate covers here at blend perfectly with your interior décor".

The Switchplate lady solves a problem not often looked at enough.

What a wonderful find and a rare treat! Most people can't believe how an exact matching decorative light switchplate cover can make such a difference!

Here at The Switchplate Lady, I turn ordinary light switchplates into charming works of art.

Whatever your decorating theme, design or material that you want to blend into, I will custom match your background material whether it be marble granite or a painted wall, while paying fine attention to all the detail.

The decorative light switch plate covers I create for you have big impact because they blend in with your back ground seamlessly. They are truly a one of a kind and they compliment any décor.

SwitchPlates from The SwitchPlate Lady, look professional and are a lovely added touch to any newly remodeled rooms.

The SwitchPlate Lady's Light Switchplates are a perfect match with any kitchen backsplash. You can also match glass mosaic tiles or any kind of tiles.

You will be astounded, amazed and surprised with the degree of detail - down to the screws so as to not ruin the painting of the back ground on the plate. The colors, the design, the craftsmanship insure that the guests visiting your home will comment on how nice they look.

My handpainted switchplates are a great house warming gift. If you are out of my area, just send me your switchplates and outlets along with a sample of your backsplash. I will have them returned to you within one week. Place your orders by contacting me via email or phone.

Custom orders are always welcome and mail orders are gladly accepted from anywhere. Head on over to my contact me page, and let me know.

I will help you get the size you need in a design that you'll love!

Have every switch plate in your house done by us for a special rate.
If you are painting your house we can match the switchplates for every room.

Get your switchplates and receptacle covers to match in all the rooms of the house.

This secret is too good to keep to yourself; go ahead and spread the word to all your friends about my decorative light switch plate covers.

My one of a kind, handpainted decorative light switch plates will really dress up your home!

Different types of Light Switch Plates

GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter.
A GFI plate looks like this (square): An outlet plate looks like this (round):

You plug things in to a GFI, but the plate fits over the outlets like this:

Bathrooms and kitchens (or could be any room) mainly use the Ground Fault Interrupter instead of the outlets. When ordering outlets or double or triple combos with outlets, make sure they are Outlets (round holes) and not GFIs (square peg). It might be easiest to tell by removing the plate (I know! What a pain!).

GFIs can also be used for Dimmers or Rocker Panels or Toggle Switches.

What do you call it? Switchplates come in many configurations, and each configuration has a name (or many names!). Here is a guide to what calls them.
Key = Our Name, (Image Abbreviation), Description [Alternate Names]

Button (B) – These are the older push button style switches found in homes before the toggle style became prevalent. If you have an older home (pre-1920s) these will help retain the look. [Push Button]

Cable (C) – Used where a cable TV line comes into your home. Some of these plates include the cable connector, others are just plates that fit around the hardware. Be sure to look at the product picture and description to be sure.

Duplex (D) – Also called an outlet, these are the most common plates in any home. [Outlet, Plug]

Phone Jack (J) – Used where telephone “landlines” are connected through a wall plate.

Dimmer (O) – Nothing sets the mood like dimmed lights. A nice plate behind the dimmer switch can make the mood even better. Consider adding a dimmer switch to your master bathroom.

Blank (P) – When an electrical device is removed from a wall, the area can be patched with drywall, but only if you remove all of the electrical cables. The safest and best looking option is to use a plain switchplate which allows for future use.

Rocker (R) – Very similar to the common toggle switches, rocker switches have a lower profile and more modern look. These plates are also used for GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets and a variety of other devices that use the decora style plate. [Decora, GFI]

Square Telephone (S) – A relic from older style homes. You need an adaptor to plug a standard land line into the plugs that use these types of switchplates.

Toggle (T) – One of the most common switches found in a home. Toggle switches are found in most homes to control lighting. [Switch]

120V (V) – This is a single outlet typically used for devices which use 120 Volts, but should be on a separate circuit (i.e. refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines).

230V (W) – This is a high voltage outlet typically used for dryers or high power electrical equipment.

Despard (X) – These are multiple horizontal switches. Very similar to a toggle switch, but usually seen in low voltage applications.

Offset TV (Z) – This is similar to the standard cable switchplate, but the hole is offset to raise it further above the floor to meet certain building codes.

How It Works

I accept out of town orders, to be hand painted at my home switchplate design studio. I request the switchplates along with backsplash material.

This secret is too good to keep to yourself; go ahead and spread the word to all your friends about my light switchplates.

My one of a kind, handmade decorative switchplates will really dress up your home

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Here are a few samples

Don't forget to take a look at my photo gallery, with many more beautiful Switchplates and more.


Here we have a matching cable plate, that as you can see, matches perfectly with my customers wall


Here is a gorgeous plug outlet plate that looks like wood, and perfectly matches my customers wall


Here we have a matching electronics plate, notice how the grain is matched from the wall to the plate


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The Switchplate Lady


About My Switchplate

Painting Process

I paint almost all of my switchplates on site in order to match up the flow of the color patterns or grout lines.

I begin by unscrewing all of the switchplates from the wall and I sand the switchplate, outlets and rockers. I then paint them with a layer of primer. I proceed to paint a medium based color to match the backsplash.

Next, it's just a matter of layering each additional color; usually ending with the lightest color.

I then paint my special sealant on each plate, outlet, rocker or dimmer switch to prevent scratching and chipping.

My sealant also adds an attention grabbing shine to granite backsplashes.

The end result is a high gloss imbedded into the product giving it an enamel appearance.

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